Body Organs for kids

Product Description

Teachers - As kids go through each organ, please encourage them to explore on some of the research question by browsing through books and internet. This will re-inforce their learning. We will add some workbooks (quiz) in the forthcoming releases. 

Our body is a fabulous machine, run by various organs that keeps us healthy and do our day to day tasks. Its important for kids to know about their bodies as they grow, so that they will will eat healthy and govern how they treat it. The My Body app teaches students about various body organs. The app covers 18 body organs.

For each organ, it teaches:

+ location of the organ in the body

+ Few cool facts about the organ

+ Shows the various subsections of the organ

+ Describes functions of the various parts and how they relate to overall body functions

+ What problems can arise if the organ doesn't function properly

+ How to keep the organ healthy

+ A few questions about the organ, for kids to explore and research further

This app is created by a team of high school students, educators, and parents in Texas. It is easy to use, intuitive and most importantly, provides educational content with great illustrations and narrations for students, schools and parents. Narration for the app is done by a high school student.

Following organs are covered in this app at this time:

+ Brain + Heart + Lungs + Ears + Eyes + Skeleton System + Digestive System + Muscles + Kidneys

+ Pancreas + Liver + Spleen + Gallbladder + Bladder + Cell + Skin + Nose + Tongue